Watcheye AIS supplier

Watcheye is a relatively new brand with focus on AIS and its additional products for the leisure market. When we started in 2010 we noticed that there were many questions about AIS, the features, the specs and the installation. That is why we actively chose not to develop a complete new product line with navigation equipment, as was previously intended, but to focus on AIS thus become the specialist.


Watcheye AIS


  • Support
  • Presentations
  • Attending fairs and events
  • Informing and instructing shops and installers
  • Developping new solutions, such as the Watcheye wifi Wave
  • Finding other useful equipment for our customers; such as the mini GPS

In these years Watcheye developed a special bond with races and regattas. We support the organization of shorthanded competitions and we are the AIS supplier of Europe’s  number one brand for races: NKE.

At Watcheye’s we have learned that every ship is equipped differently. That is why we offer our knowledge and support to find a tailor made solution for every customer. Please feel free to contact us as we are certain we can find the perfect configuration for your needs.

Digital Dutch line

Watcheye’s Digital Dutch line combines splendid technology with an aesthetic design to increase safety on board. With the integration of NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 the products are compatible with any other system.

The Digital Dutch Line products also have the multiplex option that Watcheye introduced earlier. This feature provides the possibility to connect other equipment to the chart system, by connecting it to the AIS.

All equipment is waterproof, runs on 12V and uses very little power.